Expanding the Air Range With The Air EC

Air EC Range

Global Air Supplies Ltd. are proud to announce the launch of the highly anticipated Air EC range of fans. This latest addition to the company’s product portfolio represents a significant step forward in energy-efficient, high-performance air circulation technology.

The Air EC range launch follows the widespread success of the Air AC range, which revolutionised the way people think about air circulation solutions. Customers can expect the same level of quality, innovation, and reliability with the Air EC that Air AC  is renowned for.

Built to last, the Air EC range boasts robust construction materials and a sleek, modern design. These fans are designed with longevity in mind, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Due to the EC technology, these fans consume significantly less energy than AC fans while delivering powerful airflow, reducing energy bills and environmental impact.

Air EC fans are available in 5 different sizes and compatible with G.A.S controllers and matched to fit award winning CarboAir filters. Additionally, they all come with an EC dimmer as standard.

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