Global Air Supplies Charity Donation

Global Air Supplies Charity donation - Tiny Hands

Global Air Supplies Charity Donation – £5,000 to a charity that provides baby essentials to those in need.

The Tiny Hands Baby Bank Yorkshire is based in South Elmsall. The registered charity collects and hands out pre-loved clothes, blankets, toiletries, equipment and toys to families experiencing hardship from financial difficulties, to domestic violence situations and mental health needs.

It was founded by Jane Robinson and friend Rachel Hodgson in February 2017 with the aim of alleviating child poverty.

The GAS donation will help the funding of brand-new cot mattresses to accompany second-hand cots.

Founder Jane Robinson told us: “We have to supply a brand new cot mattress with every second-hand cot. With 5-6 mattresses being purchased each week at around £40 per mattress, this is one of our greatest expenses. In addition to this, we also have to dispose of the old mattresses. We are really grateful for your donation as it will go towards this expense. The need for our services is growing. Around 90% of referrals are through the professionals that we work with, which have seen a large increase recently.”

The facility is run from Jane’s South Elmsall home with a summer house in the garden as their base. It is run on a voluntary basis and accepts donations from businesses, community organisations and individuals. They work with agencies including social services, Riverside Care, nurseries, charities and TPS Supported Housing to identify those in need.

Jane said: “The service we offer helps keep families together and helps those most in need. Simple toiletries can make such a difference – when times are hard, a little love in a package goes a long way.”

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