Prevent Mould & Bacteria within a Grow Room

Prevent grow room mould

Mould in your grow room can be a nightmare and it can often creep in when you least expect it.

The impact of mould in your grow room

It’s possible to get mould at any point in your plant’s life, it can spread incredibly quickly, and cause major issues such as reduced growth, poor yields and even cause the plants to die, meaning all your hard work is lost.

Mould also causes issues for any future grows, as all equipment will have to be vigorously cleaned or even replaced, to prevent the infection of future crops.

Types of mould in your grow room

The most common types of mould in hydroponic grow rooms are:

  • Pythium
  • Downy Mildew
  • Root Rot
  • Grey Mould
  • Powdery Mildew
  • Botrytis

How to prevent mould in your grow room

There are different ways to ensure that mould does not grow in your grow room and attack your plants, we have written previous guides on the followings topics to help growers prevent mould:

The Importance of Humidity & Temperature Control (,

How to calculate the perfect Airflow and Ventilation System (

Switching from HPS to LED to reduce heat and humidity (, these are just a few factors to consider in mould prevention.

Sanitization is another great way to prevent and kill mould in your grow room.

Global Air Supplies has developed a brand-new grow room sanitizer with an innovative four stage sanitization process, killing 99.9% of bacteria.

The AirTitan is scientifically proven to sanitize a room, neutralising any airborne bacteria as it passes through the unit, thanks to the innovative four stage process.

Four Stage Sanitisation:

Titanium Reflector

Titanium Dioxide photocatalyst causes a reaction to create hydrogen peroxide (H₂O₂), a powerful anti-bacterial.

Creates a cloud of electrons which attach to any positively charged particles like mould spores this causes them to attach together and drop out of the air.

UV-C Light
High energy frequency, which damages DNA and cell walls of all living cells.

Carbon Filter
To catch large airborne particles and dust.

Benefits of the AirTitan UV-C Sanitizer:

  • Carbon Filters that collect and hold large airborne particles and bacteria
  • Latest UV-C technology to destroy bacteria and viruses
  • Produces H2O2 that kills bacteria, mould spores and fungi, without damaging plants
  • 24-hour sanitization attacks airborne pathogens and surfaces
  • Brackets included for vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Will sanitize a room up 363m (approximately 18 plants)
  • Fully serviceable with replacement lamps and replacement filters available