IWS Autodrain

Healthy, high-yield hand watering

For growers that love to hand-water and want to maximise their yields.

An introduction

Autodrain is the perfect system if you like to hand water but want to move away from plants been sat in water, and you’re looking to invest in your first system. When using the Autodrain System you can easily pump your run-off to waste. By not leaving your plants sat in nutrient, it forces your roots to search for water. This in turn rapidly increases your root zone. In addition, the nutrient can be checked for EC and pH to fine tune your feeding.

The flexibility of this modular system means the Control Unit can gather run-off from as many plants as required, which can then run to waste. This method also provides the opportunity to monitor the pH and EC of your run-off, and ensure plants are receiving the optimum amount of nutrient.

How does it work?

Autodrain removes run-off fast which prevents root rot, increases nutrient uptake and growth, and reduces the risk of crop-destroying issues like Pythium.

The Autodrain Control Unit collects the run-off. When the run-off reaches the lower float in the Control Unit, the solution is pumped to waste.

Why use Autodrain?

Prevents over watering

Over watering can lead to root diseases and reduced oxygen availability for the root zone. Autodrain Systems prevent over watering by automatically draining excess water from the growing medium.

Monitoring efficient nutrient delivery

Autodrain Systems allow users to monitor the amount of run-off and the EC and pH levels to ensure optimal nutrient update.

Oxygenation of roots

Just like Flood & Drain Systems, Autodrain Systems help oxygenate the root zone. Draining away excess water creates air pockets around the roots, preventing suffocation and promoting healthy root development.

Time saving

Automating the drainage process reduces the need for manual intervention, saving time and labour for growers. This is particularly important in larger indoor growing operations where managing each plant individually is impractical.


Autodrain Systems help ensure consistent growing conditions for all plants.


Autodrain Systems can easily be scaled to accommodate different size growing operations.