IWS Dripper

Consistent, precise feeding

Fine-tune every element of your feeding schedule

An introduction

The IWS Dripper System is the ultimate growing system if you’re wanting to fine tune every element of the grow. From the amount of nutrient each plant receives to monitoring the pH and EC of run-off, IWS Dripper is for growers who want to be hands on but automate feeding.

The IWS Dripper System utilises the 4 litre per hour pressure compensated drippers or the blue flood drippers. This provides controllable, finely tuned feeding to the plants roots zone.

How does it work?

Nutrient is pumped from the FlexiTank down the dripper pipe to manifolds where the dripper lines are connected. It then runs directly to your plants, providing nutrient directly to the plant root zone. The 25mm dripper pipe is reduced to 3.2mm drippers where It pressurises, giving equal amounts of nutrient solution to each plant.

IWS Dripper is compatible with any pot type. These are placed on top of the stands which gather run-off. The Control Unit then collects and holds the run-off until it reaches the bottom float in the Control Unit, and it’s pumped to waste.

Why use Dripper?

Water efficiency

Dripper Systems deliver nutrient solution directly to the root zone, minimising water wastage through evaporation or run-off.


Dripper Systems give precise control over the amount of nutrient solution to each plant. This ensures plants receive the optimal amount of nutrient and reduces the risk of over or under watering. Additionally, Dripper Systems allow monitoring of both the nutrient and the run-off so you can maximise nutrient uptake.

Automated operation

The IWS Dripper System can be easily automated with the addition of a timer, allowing for consistent and regular watering schedules.

Uniform distribution

Dripper Systems provide uniform nutrient distribution across the entire growing area. Each plant receives an equal and consistent amount of nutrient, promoting uniform growth and reducing the risk of uneven crop development.

Reduced root diseases

By delivering nutrient solution directly to the root zone and avoiding over saturation, Dripper Systems help reduce the risk of root diseases caused by prolonged media saturation.


Dripper Systems are scalable and can be adapted to suit the size of the grow room.