IWS Flood & Drain

Reliable, automated feeding

For growers that want a system that delivers outstanding results with minimal effort.

An introduction

The IWS Flood & Drain is a complete nutrient delivery solution that can be arranged to fit in almost any grow space. It’s fully modular and adaptable; pots can be added/removed and rearranged at any time.

This fully automated feeding technique makes caring for a large number of plants easy and has been a customer favourite for over a decade. It’s simple to set up and run and allows you to control feed times with complete precision. Making tending your crops a walk in the park.

Also included is a custom-made IWS FlexiTank. FlexiTanks have been tested to the limits, they offer all the functionality of a standard water butt, but with the ability to be packed away and stored in a small space.

How does it work?

Nutrient is pumped from the FlexiTank to the IWS Control Unit at times and durations set by the user with the IWS Timer. The Control Unit is directly connected, via pipework, to the pots in the systems. As the Control Unit fills up, the pots also fill until the top float valve inside the IWS Control Unit is engaged, stopping the flow of water from the FlexiTank (the float height is the same as the top of the pots, preventing the system from ever flooding).

There are two parts to each pot – an outer pot and inner pot. The IWS outer pot connects via glands and fittings to the pipework in the system, delivering nutrient solution to the pots as the system floods. The inner pot contains the substrate and root mass. It sits inside the outer pot to allow contact with the nutrient but keeping the media inside the pot.

Why use Flood & Drain?

Nutrient delivery

Flood & Drain Systems provide an efficient way to deliver nutrients directly to the root zone. When the pot is flooded, the nutrient solution surrounds the roots, allowing for better nutrient absorption. As the nutrient solution floods the media, it forces old stale air out and when draining back replaces it with fresh oxygen; super charging the root mass.

Prevention of water logging

At user-defined intervals, plants are flooded with nutrient and then drained. This prevents root diseases occurring in the plant root zone and locks oxygen in the root zone, driving nutrient uptake which fuels growth.

Minimal management

Once the timer has been set on a Flood & Drain System, it can be left to run for weeks before the water within the FlexiTank needs to be refreshed.

Automation and control

Flood & Drain Systems are easy to automate, making them suitable for indoor environments. Automated timers can be set to control the frequency and duration of flooding, providing a consistent and controlled environment for plants.


Flood & Drain Systems can be used with various growing mediums and are available in 6-48 pots. This flexibility is especially valuable in indoor environments where space may be limited.

Easy to maintain

These systems are easy to maintain and clean, reducing the risk of diseases and ensuring a healthier growing environment for your plants.