IWS Trident

The future of modular Flood & Drain

The Swiss Army knife of pots. Available in 16L and 25L (coming soon).

An introduction

The IWS Trident pot is the latest development from IWS. Trident simplifies system set-up due to the use of rubber grommets, push fit fittings and a built-in stand. By removing the need for additional components, IWS Trident is quick and easy to set up as part of a system.

Features including the central, bottom feed port; root rods and tie back rings allow plants to grow bigger, stronger, and more luscious than traditional pots. Additionally, IWS Trident comes with cloth inner pots, meaning Trident is suitable to any media type.

How does it work?

Nutrient is pumped from the FlexiTank to the IWS Control Unit at times and durations set by the user, with the IWS minute timer. The Control Unit is directly connected, via IWS Pro pipework, to the Trident pots. As the Control Unit fills up, nutrient is gravity fed to the Trident pots. Unlike traditional Flood & Drain pots, Trident fills from the bottom of the pot. This allows full saturation of the root zone and stop roots blocking the pipe work.

IWS Trident pots are filled until the top float valve inside the IWS Control Unit is engaged, stopping the flow of water from the FlexiTank (the float height is the same as the top of the pots, preventing the system from ever flooding). You can easily add the Trident pot to any Pro IWS System.

Each Trident pot comes with a cloth inner pot. This promotes plant growth by allowing air to pass through tiny holes and encouraging air pruning, creating a dense root zone. The cloth pot sits on top of root rods, located at the base of IWS Trident. These rods encourage roots which break through the walls of the cloth pot to wrap around and prevent the roots growing down the pipe and causing blockages.

The outer rim of Trident pots features tie back rings. These allow growers to spread the foliage and increase the plant canopy.

Why use the Trident?

Simple set-up

IWS Trident is a quick and easy Flood & Drain System that requires no tools to set up.

No stand required

Unlike traditional IWS systems, Trident has built in risers. This removes the need for a stand and ensures ultimate drainage.

Cloth inner pots

IWS Trident is the only IWS pot compatible with a cloth inner pot. Cloth pots allow increased oxygenation of the root zone which improves plant growth and strength.

Root rods

Prevent roots from blocking the feed pipe and keep the inner pot from sitting in any still water.

Bottom feeding

Plants will be fed through the central, bottom feed port. This ensures optimum nutrient delivery to the root zone. Additionally, the location of the feed port allows maximum amount of drainage.

Tie-back rings

The outer rim of Trident pots features tie back rings. These allow growers to spread the foliage and increase the plant canopy.


Trident is compatible with various growing mediums and when used as part of a Flood & Drain System can used up to 48 pots.