Cultiwool Media

Cultiwool is a of a type of growing media made from rockwool. Rockwool (glass wool or stone wool) is a natural mineral that is melted and spun into fibres. It’s a popular choice for hydroponic systems and soilless growing because it provides good drainage and aeration while retaining water and nutrients.

It’s available in different forms, including plugs, slabs, and blocks, and is commonly used for starting seeds or growing plants in containers. The fibres in Cultiwool provide a large surface area for roots to grow and spread, which promotes healthy plant growth.

One advantage of using Cultiwool is that it is sterile and free of pests and diseases, which helps prevent contamination and ensures a clean growing environment. However, it is important to handle Cultiwool with care and follow proper safety precautions, as the fibres can be irritating to the skin and lungs if inhaled.


Cultiwool offers maximum uniformity to optimally control water and nutrient application. Resulting in a uniform plant that will produce higher yields at a better quality.

Fast Uptake of Water:

The substrates have a faster and easier water uptake due to the high quality of rockwool.

Total Control:

Water, EC and pH distribution can be controlled with rockwool substrates.

Unique Water Distribution:

Using Cultiwool helps to improve the water distribution. The drain grooves under the big blocks also improve the waterflow, especially on tables or small gutters.