The leading American grow light brand Sun System has arrived in the UK with the RS 1850 LED: an innovative 6 rail, plug & play foldable fixture with long life, high efficiency diodes. You get a lot of value for money with the 1850μmol/s full-spectrum light at 2.6 μmol/J efficacy.

With its versatile folding and dimming options the RS 1850 enables you to rear your crop quickly and to the highest possible quality. Using the compatible Gavita e-Series
Controller you can connect and control up to 1000 fixtures.

  • Foldable fixture
  • 1850 mol/s
  • 2.6 μmol/J efficacy
  • Manual dim 50-75-100
  • External control
  • 5 year warranty
  • Compatible with Gavita Master Controllers
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