The Enviro4 – Maintain a Perfect Environment From a Single Point

The Enviro4 – Maintain a Perfect Environment From a Single Point

Following customer feedback, Global Air Supplies has expanded its EC fan controller range with the introduction of the Enviro4.

Developed using multiple years of industry experience, the Enviro4 removes the need of having multiple controllers within a grow room. With four programmable sockets which can control up to 26 amps of power – double the Enviro v2. Customers can now fully centralise the control of all their growing equipment including humidifiers, dehumidifiers, heaters, and lights. This added convenience means that set up is simplified and customers can maintain a perfect environment from a single point.

The Enviro4 Controller will automatically control fan speed for EC fans. It can control both your intake and outtake fans for your grow room and is built to work flawlessly with the Systemair Revolution EC fan range.

The Enviro4 uses a thermostat to detect changes in the environment, regulating automatically to your pre-programmed parameters, so there will never be any temperature fluctuations in your grow room. The temperature sensor probe of the controller can also easily replaced via a connector socket, on the exterior of the unit.

Ian Collins, Managing Director of Global Air Supplies says: “We’re always working on new innovations here at Global Air Supplies and the Enviro4 has been in development for over 12 months. We’ve made sure to incorporate customer feedback from the Enviro v2. This has led to the addition of the replacement probe and the removal of AC sockets, due to more and more people using EC fans.”

The Enviro4 Video

Discover the Enviro4 and replacement temperature sensor