The Latest Innovation In Humidifier Technology – SonicAir 23L Humidifier

The Latest Innovation In Humidifier Technology – SonicAir 23L Humidifier

Global Air Supplies, the horticulture and ventilation experts are proud to launch the latest product within the SonicAir range – the SonicAir 23L Humidifier.

Following customer demand, the SonicAir 23L Humidifier has been designed for medium sized grow rooms. Sitting between the SonicAir and the SonicAir Pro, the SonicAir 23L generates 1440ml/h of mist, a significant increase from the SonicAir (800ml/h), but also a more suitable option for grow rooms where the SonicAir Pro is too powerful (6500ml/h).

The product features a dial to control the mist volume. It’s also compatible with G.A.S controllers such as the Intelligent Humidity Controller, Enviro Controller, and the Day & Night Humidifier Controller.

An additional benefit is the ability to fill the tank via a filler lid. Allowing growers to top up the tank using a hose without taking the unit apart.

Available as an optional extra for the SonicAir 23L is a float valve. This allows the humidifier to be connected to a water butt. Removing the need to check and refill the unit on a regular basis.

When asked about the latest innovation, Ian Collins, Managing Director of Global Air Supplies said: “At G.A.S we’re passionate about listening to our customers and designing products which improve environments and the quality of their grow. The SonicAir 23L has been designed with our customers in mind, solving the problems of other humidifiers on the market.”