It all began with Van De Zwann: the House & Garden Story…so far

It all began with Van De Zwann: the House & Garden far

It all began with Van De Zwann: the House & Garden Story…so far

1990 – House & Garden is founded by William Van De Zwaan, who was raised in the famous Van De Zwaan rose production glasshouses in Holland.
The law then changed in Holland so that no hydroponic nutrient manufacturers were allowed.

2015 – Fast forward 25 years, House & Garden relocate their manufacturing facilities and research scientists to California, bringing Dutch expertise to an incredible agricultural hub in Humboldt County.

The House & Garden range is expanded and formulations are refined to increase purity and improve stability of organic compounds. This ensures H&G nutrients maintain their reputation as the world’s best fertiliser for cup-winning plants.

2021 – Hydrofarm acquire House & Garden and continue to stabilise the range of nutrients.

2022 – Global Air Supplies becomes the exclusive distributor of all House & Garden products in the UK.

Global Air Supplies offer a range of House & Garden products and since becoming the UK’s distributor have worked to improve the availability of stock within the UK. Watch the video to find out more.

Global Air Supplies: Exclusive UK Distributor for House & Garden Nutrients

Global Air Supplies are proud to be the UK’s sole distributor of this world-renowned brand.

Total plant nutrition with incredible results every time

House & Garden have developed an outstanding reputation, using only the highest-grade minerals and meticulous processes to ensure the products are perfect every time. Highly concentrated compared to other brands, which is ideal for growers, as a little goes a long way, and it’s better for the environment, reducing the total volume shipped.

House & Garden Base Nutrients

House & Garden Additives

House & Garden Stimulants

House & Garden Media

Stabilising Stock

Towards the end of Nutriculutre’s trading, UK stores had begun to lose faith in House & Garden and being able to get hold of the product.

Over the last year, Global Air Supplies have stabilised stock levels, ensuring that orders can be fulfilled with a consistent supply.

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NEW UK House & Garden Website

The new website for House & Garden helps you to shop House & Garden products by finding your local retailer. You can search via range or product to find out more information. Feed charts are also available to download.

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Brand Ambassador

Brett will be visiting stores to help shops and end users get the most out of their nutrients to achieve the perfect yield. – link to bio

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